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We are a Eindhoven based food delivery service with Sri Lankan roots. We deliver food in Eindhoven from Friday to Sunday. Each day we have a different menu, see them below. Our delivery is free in the city area Meerhoven, if you order for a minimum price of € 15,-. In other areas we will charge you € 2,50 per order.
Do you like to order? Instructions are below!

Traditional is gold
Price per person € 10,50

This is our traditional rice and curry menu. It includes rice, papadum en 5 different vegan curry’s:
Potato Curry, Beetroot Curry, Daal Curry, Spinach Curry en Squash Curry.

Normally Friday is vegan day for Sri Lankans. But if you want meat, we offer an additional chicken curry for € 4,00 extra.

Kothu All Day
Price per person € 7,50

Our Street food signature menu. It is a Sri Lankan wok dish containing,
leeks, cabbage, onion, carrot, egg pepper, sliced roti and chicken or lamb meat

For the vegan customer there is an option with soja en no egg.

Idiyappam & Chill
Price per person € 8,50

Our closing menu is the Sunday Idiyappam menu. Idiyappam or String hoppers are steamed line bundles  of rice wheat served with coconut sambal, aubergine curry and lamb curry.

For vegan customer we can replace the lamb curry with potato curry

Order here

It is very simple! Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Choose the day and time you want to enjoy our delicious food. Send an email to:

Mention the day en time you want to receive the order, your name, your phone number and your address.

Please order 1 day in advance, as we prepare all our foods on the day itself to prevent waste.

We will send you a confirmation, when we get your request.

Step 2

An important note: we have no delivery charge within city-area Meerhoven for orders of € 15,- and above. Other order within Eindhoven have a charge of € 2,50. For orders outside Eindhoven, we will come back to you with our delivery fees.

You can easily pay through an online payment request. We don't work with cash, as we are an environmentally cautious company

When the payment is done, we will confirm the time and day that we will deliver the order.

Step 3

Wait for your order. We will deliver your food on the day and time you chose.

If you liked or disliked the food, tag us on instagram @urbanlanka or send us an email to with your review.



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