Hidden beauty
For many unknown, Sri Lankan streetfood reflects upon the many south asian influences

Who we are

Born in Sri Lanka, but raised in the Netherlands. Growing up with a Sri Lankan background, the food was common to us, but over the years we understood that Sri Lankan food is unknown for many. Often the Sri Lankan food is confused with the Indian food, because the food is not known zo well. We can ensure you that we are really different from the Indian cuisine. Do you want to sneak a peak in our kitchen, visit our delivery menu:

Delivery menu
Kottu roti

What we do

Through different channels, we try to bring Sri Lankan food accessible to all. From the area of Eindhoven we design food for business events, we work together with the Feelgood market Eindhoven and we started with delivery food in Eindhoven. Are you interested? Send us an email to info@urbanlanka.com


Family owned

We are one family working together to create all the different Sri Lankan dishes. Our founder Tharsana is responsible for the menu's. Janani  & Saundrarajah are responsible for the food quality. And all marketing, communication and sales are dealt by Attalan Mailvaganam.



Our clients are still growing, but we work in different domains. From corporates to carkets to delivery services.

"Thank you so much, the lunch was seen as one of the highlights"

"The food is delicious,
Finally vegan offers"

"Service was prima (...) zelfs met extra's geleverd. Het was super lekker!"


Send us an email

Do you want to now more about us, or would like to give an order?
Send us an email to info@urbanlanka.com